Monday, April 20, 2009

He's 2 - Oh My Doodness!

On the morning of Lucas' 2nd birthday (which happened to fall on Easter this year), he dropped a basket of plastic eggs. "Oh no!" he exclaimed, followed by, "Oh My Doodness!" I died laughing, hearing him mimicking us with such clarity. One week into his 2nd year, and all I can say is... for better or worse... Oh My Doodness.

I used to roll my eyes when people said "wait until he's two, everything changes" in the same way I did to those who told me to "get some sleep now" when I was pregnant. I cursed them later for being right, of course, and damnit, they are right again.

At 2, he is suddenly more boy than baby. He's talking in sentences whenever he can and starting to make jokes. "Red light go, Geen light stop!" he says laughing, followed by "My silly billy!" He is remembering events and recalling details. "I frow rocks an see sool-bus" he tells Daddy after a walk in the woods. He's starting to make believe on his own (as compared to Mommy playing pretend and him joining along). A box becomes a fire truck and then a police car and then a school bus, which is pretty impressive for someone who doesn't like change. Oh, and did I mention, he is developing strong opinions and preferences. "No like it!" is his newest phrase, along with other favourites including "No pants!" and "No change diaper!" and "No seepytime!"

At 2, he is more his than ours. Whatever claim we lay on him is slowly fading as he asserts himself to us. At his birthday party last night, in his monkey pajamas (rather than the outfit bought for him), eating from the giant bowl of popcorn twists (and nothing else), and dancing to Abba in the middle of 30 of his closest relatives, he exuded all that is Lucas. He may look like Daddy and act like Mommy, but he is pure Lucas. Lucas with his obsessions over cows and wheels, with his preference for raw mushrooms, berries (and popcorn twists), and his intense highs and lows.

At 2, he is somewhat of a new entity, familiar but inconsistent. We desperately scramble to find our bearings but the landscape seems to keep changing. The tantrums come on fierce and everything is wrong and nothing is right. We look to him for the answer, responding to his every wish with our eagerness to comfort him, only to later realize he's been looking to us to be stable. He wants to be able to make his own choices, but can't yet make logical ones. We're left anxious to even try to cut his hair, buy him new shoes, or get him wearing new clothes. We try and explain everything that is to come, and then realize many things are better left unsaid, rather than opened up for discussion. "No school t'day!" he bellows when we try and prepare him. We're left walking on egg shells one moment, yelling the next, cuddling him when he'll let us, then comparing notes when we have both spun our wheels.

I try and remember to feel grateful that he's vocal, that he's physically able, that he's developmentally on track or moreso. It could be so so so much harder. I try and remind myself that this will pass, that his frustrations will dim as he aquires the ability to communicate, but really I know that all of this is just training for the terrible 3's and the f-ing 4's (so I've heard them called lately). So, then I just try and remember to breathe.

Only a week into age 2, with him sick and teething, Lucas embodies everything they say about the terrible 2's. But he also exudes all that is fascinating about 2 year olds - their search for independence, their start of conceptual thinking, their definition of preferences, their ravenous pursuit of information, and their rapid development of speech. As educators, both Hubby and I sit together long after Lucas has gone to sleep, analyzing our observations of his growth. But the piece that absolutely rivets me is the way Lucas is so fiercely true to himself. Only 2, he knows himself and is unafraid to show himself to the world. His spirit is strong, his personality bright and magnetic, his joy and pain pure. I'm proud of him for that, and my self-conscious adult self envies him for it.

My baby is a boy now. Oh My Doodness!


wj_norman said...

"No pants!" is my new favourite expression. Thanks Lucas, you are an inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Wishing my darling nephew Lucas a wonderful and joyful 2nd birthday. They go by so quickly and grow up so fast, enjoy all the little nuances of them while you can, and they still allow you into their room.
Love you all

Amy said...

Isn't it wonderful how they are all their own unique little persons. I remember all of mine at 2 and they were all different and YET the same. Different in their likes, dislikes, their quirks, etc. Same though in their fiercness to be themselves. The quest for independance has now begun and doesn't end til they leave home (I hope!). I love Lucas just the way he is and i feel honoured to be little part of his world. Liesl enjoy every blessed moment, good and bad, and thanks for sharing.

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