Monday, January 10, 2011

Whose Story is it? The Ethics of Blogging about our Kids

I am always thrilled and terrified when my more opinionated pieces get picked up and published and readers start commenting.

Whose Story is it? The Ethics of Blogging about our Kids is a piece I worked on after blogging about this topic, which conveys a few of the issues that mom-bloggers struggle with and have to make decisions about. It was the first piece I've done in my mother-writing that brought in several different authors, so much so that I felt I was back writing papers for my masters!

Encourage you to continue the conversation through the comments or through twitter/facebook/your blog!


Anonymous said...

Congrats, Liesl, on an articulate, well-argued piece on such an important ethical issue for us mommy bloggers. I fully stand by my quote: strive to be a responsible writer, in the same way you strive to be a responsible parent. Interesting that you name your son in your blog but not your hubby, as I do the complete opposite: name my partner but not my son. I do post personal photos from time to time, but I make sure that my son isn't identifiable in the shot.

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